Montego Bay Jamaica Things To Do

Montego Bay is Jamaica's cultural capital on the north coast and has so much to offer tourists that it is specifically targeted at them. Add to that an unsurpassed range of amenities and attractions that make it a lively holiday destination. MontegoBay is easily accessible and has a modern port frequented by many cruise ships. Jamaica's resort city offers a variety of accommodation options, including well-established 5-star luxury resorts, as well as a wide range of affordable hotels and restaurants.

Here, too, the free zone of Montego Bay employs a large number of Montegonians for export. Tropical Tours will give your vacation a Latin flavor, whether it's a trip to Cuba or a visit to Ocho Riosbebe, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

The company is located near the Blue Hole in Sandy Bay and offers horse riding and a variety of other activities. You will be taken to the village of Rafter at the start of the tour and then drive for three miles, surrounded by lush tropical rainforest. The tour winds through the picturesque landscape of Jamaica for two and a half hours, and additional drinks are offered. Once at the top, travelers can try the bobsleigh track, a winding slide that ends at a swimming pool on the top.

Depending on your taste, you can enjoy a feel-good adventure, an adventure bee adventure or a bit of both. These are just some of the things you can expect on this trip, as Trelawny has gems like rafting on the Martha Brae River.

The guides are very knowledgeable about Jamaican history and will take you back in time. They will explain the history of the island and its history as well as its current state.

Also in Montego Bay is the over 200-year-old Greenwood Great House, located east of Monte-go Bay. Perched on a green hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea, it is close to the historic town of Falmouth in MonteGo Bay. West of the city is the historic town of St. John, a small town with about 5,000 inhabitants.

If you're looking for the crowds that often gather in Doctor's Cave, Cornwall Beach is the perfect place for you. A little further away than Doctor, it is less busy as it is the right one, with the same calm water and white sand as seen near Doctor's Cave.

This is a kind of maritime theme park, with places where you can meet dolphins in a controlled lagoon, pose with parrots and interact with rays and other marine animals. Tours range from cycling to horseback riding to river cruises, so enjoy exciting horseback riding activities, including beach rides, including swimming in the azure waters of the Caribbean on horseback. Just minutes from the Bay of Montego, feeding grounds are a must for bird lovers and birdwatchers.

Get a bird's eye view of Jamaica by gliding through the trees on the Canopy Tour, one of the most popular bird watching tours in the world. In the heart of the Bay of Montego, just a few minutes from the beach, you can swing in the sky on a series of platforms in trees. Take in breathtaking views of the Caribbean and Atlantic Oceans, as well as the mountains of New York City and New Jersey.

The course is one of the best in the Caribbean and boasts a number of historic properties from the 19th century, which are integrated into each hole, including an aqueduct on the seventh hole. Montego Freeport was developed on the former mangrove swamps of the Bogue Islands. The name "Montego Bay" probably derives from the so-called "lard bay," which is made possible by the wild boar abundant in the surrounding hills. It is derived from the fact that lard is made from a mixture of coconut oil, sugar cane and other fruits and vegetables.

Whether you want a quick bite or a five-star seven-course meal, Montego Bay will exceed any gourmet's expectations. His award as a hotel certainly reflects his reputation as one of the best hotels in the Caribbean. The gallery is dedicated to the late painter Michael Leszczynski, whose name was used as Lester and whose famous Jamaican-era works are buried in the National Museum of Jamaica and the Royal Caribbean Museum in St. George, Jamaica.

The Montego Bay Marine Park is an ecological treat for divers and snorkelers, with numerous fish and coral species in crystal clear, warm waters. Ochos Rios Mystic Mountain is a rainforest adventure park that is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Caribbean and the world. Swim in a deep water pool or swim with dolphins, sharks, turtles and other marine life.

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More About Montego Bay