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Sports enthusiast Ray Harvey (left) receives an award from the Minister for Water and Housing, Honour. The Minister of Water and Housing and the President of the Jamaican Sports Council, Dr. David Brown, speak at the annual National Sports Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony in Kingston, Jamaica, on Saturday, June 5.

The Minister of Water and Housing and the President of the Jamaican Sports Council, Dr David Brown, also attended the event.

Ochoa (third from left) shakes hands with the minister of water, housing and the president of the Jamaican Sports Council, Dr David Brown, before the plaque is unveiled The image also bears a striking resemblance to that of former Jamaica Football Association (JFA) president Michael Brown.

Celebrations included a health and wellness fair and a party, and the Kingston City Run led to the city's historic sites. The festival concluded with the opening of the first stadium of the Jamaica Football Association (JFA) in Kingston.

Horse riding is a nice way to explore the island, although the stables and riding stables are rather run down, so more serious mountain bikers should check out their local mountain bike shop. There are colorful - coordinated resort cycles as well as a number of guided mountain bike tours, but stick to the chapters below. This weekend package is ideal for travelers visiting Kingston and enjoying the sights and the night - time for activities and running at the same time. For more information on the Kingston City Run and other events, visit for a full list of events.

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Hunting for the big fish costs from $1,000 per person or $2,500 per day. Surfing: Board rentals are rare, but in all major resorts you can rent fully equipped boats.

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He added that the facility will provide the infrastructure to meet the needs of the region and allow the talent from western Jamaica to grow in athletics. Numerous sporting events will take place on the site, which visitors and sports enthusiasts can experience. The tournament is held every year and if you are interested in following the polo game, please contact the Jamaica Polo Association at 926-2916.

For a truly Caribbean sporting experience, head to the renovated Sabina Park, which is part of the Jamaica Polo Association's annual polo tournament, the Caribbean Polo Championships.

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