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The week-long event in Montego Bay attracts music fans to experience authentic Jamaican music and culture. Join us for a fun-filled week with live concerts, costume parades, live music, food and drink and much more. Jamaican reggae acts and Soca bands add a distinctly tropical Caribbean flair. This includes the beach, which is perfect for the tropical, relaxed atmosphere, as well as a variety of activities for children and adults.

Jamaican dance halls attract locals and tourists to conjure reggaeton beats and other popular jams. Learn the dance-hall moves to the bass - heavy music and shake in an hour in Negril, the place where you are.

The mountainous seaside resort of Montego Bay is bordered by the turquoise sea, shows the art and fine cuisine of the island and is enchanted by reggae rhythms. Jamaica has at least 50 public beaches, including the sprawling Seven Mile Beach. Doctor's Cave Beach, which is one of Jamaica's most popular beaches and a popular tourist destination, is bordered by a turquoise sea. The more intriguing thing in Monte Carlo and Jamaica's Glen Waters Located about an hour east of Montego Bay in Falmouth.

Although Jamaica is a year-round golf destination, Montego Bay is home to one of the first areas in Jamaica to start construction of golf courses, and the oldest golf course in the Western Hemisphere is actually located in Mandeville, Jamaica. Daily golf day at the Glen Waters Golf Course in Monte Carlo, a popular tourist destination.

So if you plan to leave Jamaica on this day, you should book your flight at 18: 30 or later and if you arrive in Montego Bay on the day of the event, 29 June 2016, at 19: 00. For more information about the Jamaica Music Festival and other events, visit our website at

In the bay of Montego you can enjoy the nightlife of the city, most parties take place in the resort of Negril, but there are also opportunities for rainy days. Visit the Jamaica Music Festival to learn more about Soca Moves and the locals will show you how to party and live in Jamaica. Visit the Montegoing Bay Civic Centre, home to one of Jamaica's best museums, or visit Jamaica's oldest museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, to learn about Soca and the movement.

For die-hard music fans, this musical calendar will be your musical calendar for the next few weeks, from October to December.

This large open air concert, called the "Music Festival," features some of the greatest Jamaican reggae and dance hall artists in Montego Bay each summer. Reggae Sumfest is Jamaica's largest music festival, combining music, food, entertainment, art, dance and cultural events. It attracts thousands of people from all over the country as well as international music fans and shows the best of Jamaica's most popular and popular artists, from the best artists in the world.

This is one of the most famous and fun music festivals held in Jamaica, reflecting the influence of reggae culture on the music and culture of Montego Bay.

Jamaican Ocho Rio Jazz Festival is held in Montego Bay, with live shows featuring leading local and international jazz acts. During the month of Jamaica, various events will take place such as concerts, workshops, art exhibitions, concerts and much more.

Montego Bay remains the centerpiece of Jamaican travelers' experiences, with its beaches, beaches and beaches. Negril is the place where runners take part in the Jamaica Marathon, one of the most popular races in Jamaica. It all starts at Long Bay Beach Park, located on the beach of Montego Beach, an entertaining event characterized by a good atmosphere and a lot of reggae music. Twisted Kilt is located in a tourist area in the bay of Monte go and is a popular destination for locals and tourists, but also for tourists from all over the world.

Reggae Sumfest was launched in 1993 and is held to put Montego Bay in the spotlight by giving the Kingston community a litmus test for independent music.

The young wild people of Montego Bay have prevailed and represented Jamaica with their coolness, and it is still one of the country's most popular music festivals, often only spoken of in rural areas. Jamaican reggae music has dealt with smuggling culture and highlighted the smuggling of drugs and other illegal goods from Jamaica to other countries. Fraud has also become a focus for criminals, who are popular in the surrounding communities in western Jamaica because of the high drug trade. While this is publicly frowned upon in Jamaica, it has been on the national stage for years, dwarfing more traditional forms of smuggling, such as drug smuggling from the Caribbean to the United States and Europe.

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